Hacking Education

A simple idea can change the way we teach in education today. Hacking. It is not what one might think it is. I did not know that hacking could play such a huge role in the world of education until I had the pleasure of reading about it in this article. Students learn better when teachers do not just mold one way of doing things, but create different ways to help ease learning and make it fun. If we as educators only had one way of doing our lessons, much of our students would suffer as result. We should ‘hack’ lesson and activities to help our students learn in a healthy and happy manner that can stick with them into the future. If the definition of hacking is a still a mystery, my best way of explaining it is through example. Maybe one day I, as a teacher, had to teach a lesson on ancestors, instead of having students write on the subject, I would have them create a project that is meaningful to them. I would also make sure that the project relates to real life application. It is important to do such because it teaches them more than just the basic core subjects; it teaches them how to use research to learn things for themselves.


The idea of active learning like this is important in today’s schools because students take advantage of the basics and need challenged more. I hope to implement many of the ideas of hacking to challenge my students to succeed in ways that were never thought of before. I want my students to learn how to think for themselves and learn new things at early ages so that they have a love for learning as they go through life. Teachers get so wrapped up in the technicalities and standards that we do not look at the big picture of what we can do differently to better help our students. The most important part of hacking that I discovered is to ensure the students are learning in a way that suits them. Be that in nature, building something with their hands, drawing a picture instead of writing on subject, acting out what they have learned, and more. “Change the game, not the learner” has become my own personal statement as a future teacher. I hope to make my lessons diverse to so they are applicable to individual students. I hope to hack as much as I can so that in the end my students feel they have accomplished not just in their education, but in life.


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